Atlanta ( Αταλαντη ) in greek mythology was a great arkadian huntress and a favourite of the goddess Artemis. Her father was disappointed he had a daughter and left her to die. She was raised during her childhood by a bear, later she was found by a group of hunters.
She participated in the voyage of the Argonauts, and defeated the hero Peleus in wrestling at the funeral games of King Pelias. When Meleagros gathered heroes to destroy the Kalydonian Boar, Atlanta joined the hunt and was the first to draw blood. Meleagros awarded her the prize of the skin, and when his uncles tried to take it from her force, he slew them.
Atlanta and the Golden Apples of Hesperides.

Atlanta was later reunited with her father Iasios, who insisted that she be wed. She agreed, but on condition that the suitors must defeat her in a race. Melanion knew that he was not fast enough to win the race.
He prayed to Aphrodite for help. Aphrodite presented Melanion with three golden apples to cast before the girl in the race. In return Melanion was to sacrifice to Aphrodite.  When Atlanta stoped to retrieve the apples, she was slowed enough to allow Melanion to be victorious.
Their marriage was a short one, for Melanion forgot his obligations to sacrifice to Aphrodite, and was cursed to lay with Atlanta in the shrine of Zeus where the pair were transformed into lions.

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