Perseus was one of the most celebrated of the Greek heroes. His story was as follows: Perseus' mother Danae was locked in a bronze chamber by her father Akrisios, where she was impregnated by Zeus in the form of a golden shower. Akrisios put both mother and child in a chest and set them adrift in the sea, but they washed safely ashore on the island of Seriphos.
 Perseus grew up at the court of Polydectes, king of Seriphus Polydectes wished to marry Danae and, in order to accomplish his purpose, thought best to get rid of Perseus. He therefore sent him to conquer Medusa, believing that the youth would be slain. But Perseus was a favorite with the gods. Hades loaned him his hel­met, which made the wearer invisible at will. Hermes offered his winged sandals and Athena her shield.
Perseus then proceeded to the Gorgons' cave. In the cave he came upon the sleeping Medusa. By viewing Medusa's reflection in his polished shield, he safely approached and cut off her head.


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