Hades ( Greek: ᾍδης, Latin: Pluto ) is the god of the dead and the underworld, but the underworld was often refferd to his name. He is the son of Cronus and Rhea, and brother of Zeus and Poseidon.
The Cyclops gave Hades the helmet of invisibility ( helm of darkness ) to help in the gods' battle with the Titans. The night before the first battle, Hades put on his helmet and, being invisible, slipped over to the Titans camp and distroyed their weapons. The war lasted for ten years and enden with the victory of the younger gods ( Zeus, Poseidon and Hades ). After the war Hades receved Underworld for his realm.
The consort of Hades was Persephone, represented by the Greeks as daughter of Zeus and Demeter.
Despite modern connotations of death as evil, Hades was actually more altruistically inclined in mythology. Hades was often portrayed as passive rather than evil; his role was often maintaining relative balance.

temple of hades
tartarus map

hades and persephone

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