Hercules - The son of Zeus
                Hercules is the Roman name for the Greek divine hero Heracles, who was the son of Zeus (Roman equivalent Jupiter) and the mortal Alcmene. In classical mythology, Hercules is famous for his strength and for his numerous far-ranging adventures.
The mythological stories associated with Hercules are extremely numerous. The Labors of Hercules vary in number, but are most often ten or twelve, and depending on the source, the labors include different tasks.                
               Hercules was set on these labors by the Oracle of Delphi, possibly to expiate his guilt over killing his wife and children in a fit of madness sent by the goddess Hera, and the labors were part of his service to King Eurytheseus.
               Hercules enjoyed dozens of other adventures and was beloved by the Greeks. His worship later spread to Rome and the rest of Italy.
               Hercules' Spouse: Megara; after his deification after death, Hebe, Olympian goddess of health.
               The Labors of Hercules:
1. Conquer and deliver the Nemean Lion, a monstrous feline.   
2. Kill the multiheaded Hydra.   
3. Bring back, dead or alive, the Cerynitian Hind, a ravaging deer.   
4. Catch the Erymanthian Boar.   
5. Clean out the massive stables of Augeas, perhaps the most famous of the Labors. 
 6. Scare off and kill the metal-feathered Stymphalian birds.   
7. Capture the Cretan Bull.   
8. Do something about those pesky man-eating Mares of Diomedes (he moved them and released them.)   
9. Get the Girdle of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons (she gave it to him peacefully, which enraged Hera, who arranged for the rest of the Amazons to attack Hercules; in the mess that followed, Hippolyta was killed by Hercules.)   
10. Steal the cattle of Geryon.
11. Bring back the Golden Apples of the Hesperides.    
12. Go down to the Underworld and bring back multi-headed Cerberus, chief Hound of Hades.

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